Unions & Organizations

Organizations that offer their members insurance benefits walk a tightrope as they balance the desire to provide high value insurance products with the associated costs. In addition to providing access to blue chip benefits, the BEN platform offers unions and organizations a host of opportunities for cutting costs related to benefits purchasing and administration.

Membership Upgrade

BenAdvance offers a turnkey solution that members appreciate and the organization can easily afford. White labeled, so that the union label or the organization’s brand shines brightly.

The BEN platform will grant your members access to popular benefits and great pricing. With some costing 30 to 50 percent below what they could buy them for on their own, it’s clearly one more perk of membership!

BenAdvance Insurance Platform for Unions
Platform Highlights
  • Expands benefits package with no cost to management
  • Administration is easy and inexpensive
  • High quality, high demand insurance benefit products
  • 24/7 marketplace; shop from anywhere
  • No need to restrict eligibility
  • Current offerings include $150k guaranteed life insurance product
  • First class customer service support
Want to Learn More?

Speak with a BenAdvance Union specialist to discuss a custom solution that meets the needs of your organization.