• Dental Insurance
  • August 15, 2018
A Correlation Between Dental Health and Insurance

Though the majority of Americans do have dental benefits, a surprisingly high number of people lack such coverage. According to industry statistics, approximately 23 percent of Americans have no dental coverage, which translates to about 74 million people. There appears to be a causal relationship between this statistic and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistic that states, “more than a third of American adults haven’t seen a dental professional in the past year.” Further correlation is provided by research collected by the American Dental Association, which concludes that 40 percent of adults who didn’t visit a dentist in the past year said they didn’t go because of cost.

For employees who have neglected their dental health for a long period of time, the costs can really add up. While a simple checkup costs an average of about $85-$100 in the U.S., fillings run approximately $230-$300, and crowns go for $1,100 and up. For Americans without dental insurance, these expenses frequently cause them to put off needed dental procedures, and annual checkups as well.

Studies show that people who do not have dental benefits are more likely to have teeth removed—resulting in expensive and troublesome dentures. They are also less likely to visit the dentist regularly and less likely to be treated for gum disease. Not only that, but people who do not have dental benefits are more likely to suffer from other, non-dental-related diseases:

  • 67 percent are more likely to have heart disease.
    50 percent are more likely to have osteoporosis.
    29 percent are more likely to have diabetes.

As a business owner, executive or manager, you know that the health of your employees can directly affect productivity, and this includes dental health. Not only are healthier employees happier and more productive, they also provide better service to customers and clients.

You’re in a unique position to help more employees become healthier and happier by providing them with dental benefits that can put affordable and quality dental care firmly within their reach.

By offering a comprehensive health and wellness package that includes dental insurance, you can improve employee retention and more successfully attract prospective candidates. This allows you to be more selective when recruiting for open positions, upping the quality of your new hires and the productivity of your entire organization.